I am an associate professor of philosophy at Oklahoma Baptist University. As one of only two people in the department, I teach a number of different courses. Courses that I teach regularly are Introduction to Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, and Aesthetics.

My research has been on the nature and justification of religious belief, the relation of religious belief to ethics, and the role of mystery in religious belief. My most recent work is on the problem of tolerance.

I am also a chaplain in the United States Army Reserve. My service includes tours at Ft. Hood, Texas, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and a deployment to Iraq in 2007.

I live in Norman, Oklahoma, with my wife, Sheri. We have one
daughter, Rachael, who is a junior cello-performance major at
Oklahoma City University.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Randy, I know this is not what you would prefer to be doing. However, your voice of reason and comfort will be important for many Stay safe and sane. Peace, Don

  2. Good to hear from you. I enjoy your comments and look forward to the next one. Judy and I remember you and your family daily. Oh, about that “body armor”stuff. You might want to reconsider wearing that “very important” piece. Some things you just cannot afford to lose.

    Love you,

    Ed and Judy

  3. Randy, It is ok to lose the throat protector but I would advise you to keep the groin protector. And suddenly after writing the above words my eyes turned to the post above from Ed and Judy. I see that they gave you the exact same advice. So, now you have two independently written warnings. This is a sign from God that you are definitely on a piecekeeping mission. Jerry.

  4. Randy, I’m not sure that we have met at OBU or not but I feel compelled to offer my deepest debt of gratitude to you for putting yourself in harms way to protect the freedoms that we enjoy daily. On behalf of the City of Shawnee we thank you and pray for your safe return. Best Regards, Chuck Mills, Mayor, City of Shawnee.

  5. No, they’re from all over the country; from California to Florida, and everything in between. I’m the only one from Oklahoma.

  6. Randy,

    I wanted to update you on our celebration at school today. The kids thought it was awesome to see you all the way from Iraq! We also had some cadets from OU present the colors and a brass quintet. We had many veterans in attendance, and I was thinking of you. Thanks for all you and the other men and women are doing to keep our country safe and ensure peace in the world.

    You are greatly missed, and it was wonderful to see your face!!! Your soldiers are so lucky to have you there. What a great support for them.

    My students are busy making cards we plan to send to you. Is there anything else you would like? You always have our prayers. Keep safe!


    Kim 🙂

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